Your Core Applications Deserve More.
The Zumasys Cloud.

Think you can’t run your legacy system or core business applications in the cloud? Think again.

Commodity cloud providers may not be able to provide the performance and reliability you need for your mission-critical applications, but that’s what the Zumasys Cloud was built for. For more than a decade, we have finely tuned the Zumasys Cloud to support our customers’ High I/O business applications and ERP systems. We combine our unrivaled background with legacy systems, software development and remote access technologies with our proven cloud platform to help customers embrace the reliability, cost efficiency, and agility of the cloud.

Whether you’re looking to move a single application or your entire infrastructure to the cloud, we can help you build a strategy that’s right for you. Discover what makes Zumasys the cloud you can trust with your core applications.

Your Core Applications Deserve More. The Zumasys Cloud.

Learn about the top 5 reasons companies are moving to the cloud

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cloud computing

Customize your cloud

Create a hybrid cloud solution that combines private and public cloud resources

integrate systems

Enable business continuity

Keep your applications protected and easily accessible with custom service level agreements

enterprise class

Gain enterprise class capabilities

Choose a quality platform purpose-built for performance and security


Partner with a tenured provider

Entrust your applications to a company with 10+ years experience operating a cloud platform, sustained growth, and key partnerships with Cisco, VMware, Citrix and Microsoft

reduce total cost of ownership

Reduce total cost of ownership

Avoid the capital and operational costs of deploying, managing, and maintaining server infrastructure

The Zumasys Cloud

Zumasys specializes in hosting your business-critical 24/7 applications. Our software developers, infrastructure experts, and cloud engineers will work with you to support, protect, and modernize your core business applications—whether they are on site or in the cloud.

Our cloud platform is built on industry-leading technologies, housed in the world’s most secure data center, SUPERNAP Las Vegas, and managed by expert engineers who understand your business. We take care of everything from routine administration, backups, monitoring and even custom software development, so you can focus resources on your core business while maintaining complete control of your data and applications. Zumasys also provides all of the self-service features and advanced infrastructure expertise that more technical IT organizations and ISVs require.

  • “Starting with our sales rep who got the ball rolling right through to our going live on the Zumasys cloud, it really has been a very “painless” process. You should be proud of all the folks who helped to make this happen. We have been very pleased with our choice to go to the cloud.”

    zumasys review
    John Selkirk
    Allied Electric Supply, Inc.
  • “I haven’t thought about our server or its stability since we switched to Zumasys Cloud 3 years ago.”

    zumasys review
    John Dubuque
    President, Plumbers Supply Co.
  • “We were a true startup conceived over a weekend by my partners  and with crops to be harvested within 45 days. We didn’t have legacy software or any of that to deal with, a pure startup in every sense.  It has been real easy to scale with the Zumasys cloud. Not once has system limitations been an issue or even on the radar for us.”

    zumasys review
    Alex Tamayo
    General Manager, Baja Son Growers
  • “When we decided to move to the cloud, Zumasys was the obvious solution. They understood our current environment, and I had complete confidence they knew how to make it all work in the cloud environment. I think we had one of the smoothest migrations on record, but maybe I’m just bragging!!”

    zumasys review
    Kate Agoitia
    Director of IT, Skyview Cooling
  • “Finding Zumasys bordered on a miracle… I was excited, almost giddy, at the prospect of finally being able to get into the cloud with Zumasys.”

    zumasys review
    Danny Ruckel
    IT Director, Southwest Traders
  • “It’s not about cost savings or saving money by going with Zumasys Cloud, it’s about providing a better product to our customers and end users.”

    zumasys review
    Don Kim
    CIO, Equiant Financial Services
  • “The day we went over to the new system, it went without a hitch!”

    zumasys review
    Ken Wertz
    President, Wilkinson Supply
  • “Zumasys helps not only cloud computing, but they know my technology very well. It is the value added services, helping with our network. They are great people to deal with.”

    zumasys review
    IT Manager, Planet Clean
  • “Zumasys really has the experience with VMware and Pick that we needed and more experience with moving companies like ours into the cloud.”

    zumasys review
    James Mantrozos
    Head of IT, My-Villages (Exuma Technologies)
  • “It has enabled us, literally, to focus on our business, and not technology.”

    zumasys review
    ConGlobal Industries

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