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Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a remote desktop, virtualized and delivered via the cloud. Zumasys DaaS provides users a Windows workspace that is hosted, operated and managed by Zumasys. You pay a flat fee each month that guarantees that your virtualized workspace will be up-to-date, reliable and well maintained. Zumasys handles all of the hardware purchasing, licensing, maintenance, management, and upgrades, freeing your IT administrators from routine desktop management.

Zumasys DaaS offers big benefits, including:

Better Performance for Customers Already in The Zumasys Cloud

Putting desktops next to your application servers can reduce geographic latency, making your apps run faster.

bring your own device BYOD

Improved Mobility

It doesn’t matter if you have 3 branches or 300 branches—users can all access the same data anytime, anywhere, on any device.

deploy desktops

Simplified management

With a simple call to Zumasys, our technical support team can provision a new desktop environment in minutes and push software upgrades out to all users simultaneously.

reduce total cost of ownership

Stronger Data Security

Data is not stored locally, so if a device is lost or stolen, your data remains safe in the Citrix environment.

What Makes Zumasys DaaS Unique?

In 2017, Zumasys was recognized as runner up for Desktop Partner of the Year at Citrix Summit. This is our second consecutive nomination as runner-up in this category. We’re seeing rapid growth in DaaS adoption, particularly from small and medium-sized businesses that lack the resources or the desire to set up complex Citrix environments. With Zumasys DaaS, customers get a best-in-class virtual desktop environment with no capital investment or ongoing maintenance.

Our environment is built on the latest technologies from leading vendors and hosted in the ultra-secure SUPERNAP data center in Las Vegas. We followed the Citrix reference architecture for multitenanted DaaS line by line, using many of the automation tools in the Citrix solution stack to enable a scalable, proven and field-tested architecture.

csp-500x500We actively monitor, provision and upgrade technology for the environment to provide the best performance for our users. In 2016, we completed a number of hardware refreshes and platform enhancements. We are currently upgrading to the latest version of Citrix, which will enable support for Windows 2016.

  • “Upgrades are super easy. We’re no longer dealing with CDs or license keys, and there’s no change in licensing cost.”

    zumasys review
    Mark Coleman
    Director of Information Systems, Astro Pak
  • “Zumasys really has the experience with VMware and Pick that we needed and more experience with moving companies like ours into the cloud.”

    zumasys review
    James Mantrozos
    Head of IT, My-Villages (Exuma Technologies)
  • “Starting with our sales rep who got the ball rolling right through to our going live on the Zumasys cloud, it really has been a very “painless” process. You should be proud of all the folks who helped to make this happen. We have been very pleased with our choice to go to the cloud.”

    zumasys review
    John Selkirk
    Allied Electric Supply, Inc.
  • “I haven’t thought about our server or its stability since we switched to Zumasys Cloud 3 years ago.”

    zumasys review
    John Dubuque
    President, Plumbers Supply Co.
  • “The day we went over to the new system, it went without a hitch!”

    zumasys review
    Ken Wertz
    President, Wilkinson Supply

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