Enterprise-class technologies on demand

IT organizations are under increasing pressure to provide IT services to their users when and where they want them. They’re expected to provide the latest technologies and comply with increasing regulations. And they’re expected to do it all with limited budgets.

With Zumasys Infrastructure as a Service, you can rapidly provide your users with the services the demand and free your organization from the hamster wheel of capital expenditures. You get access to a complete IT solution featuring the latest storage, virtualization, replication, networking, and compute technologies from the industry’s leading vendors—all for an affordable monthly fee.

  • “Zumasys really has the experience with VMware and Pick that we needed and more experience with moving companies like ours into the cloud.”

    zumasys review
    James Mantrozos
    Head of IT, My-Villages (Exuma Technologies)
  • “The day we went over to the new system, it went without a hitch!”

    zumasys review
    Ken Wertz
    President, Wilkinson Supply
  • “It’s not about cost savings or saving money by going with Zumasys Cloud, it’s about providing a better product to our customers and end users.”

    zumasys review
    Don Kim
    CIO, Equiant Financial Services
  • “I haven’t thought about our server or its stability since we switched to Zumasys Cloud 3 years ago.”

    zumasys review
    John Dubuque
    President, Plumbers Supply Co.
  • “Zumasys helps not only cloud computing, but they know my technology very well. It is the value added services, helping with our network. They are great people to deal with.”

    zumasys review
    IT Manager, Planet Clean

Diary of a cloud user

See how moving to the Zumasys Cloud transformed IT for JV Smith Companies
cloud services provider

Seamlessly transition to the cloud

Get white-glove service from our experienced Project Management and Cloud Migration teams

data protection

Protect your data and your reputation

Replicate your data off site, without the costs of building and managing a secondary data center

speed time to market

Speed time to market

Scale your IT resources up or down on demand to react quickly to business needs

infrastructure control

Maintain complete control of your data

Instantly make changes to your infrastructure through our online portal

reduce total cost of ownership

Reduce total cost of ownership

Access enterprise-class technologies with no capital expense

Why Zumasys

Unlike software-as-a-service vendors or commodity cloud providers, Zumasys specializes in applications that are unique to your business, no matter how complex or esoteric. We start with your mission-critical applications and build a complete hosted infrastructure solution that can help you lower costs, increase reliability, and free IT resources to focus on your core business. You’ll gain access to the latest technologies, such as flash-accelerated storage, extreme memory-dense servers, high-performance computing, and VMware vCloud with pay-per-use pricing that scales with demand.

You’ll also enjoy peace of mind knowing that your environment is managed by Zumasys engineers out of the ultra-secure SuperNAP data center in Las Vegas. Premium features, such as integrated data protection, come standard in all of our cloud offerings, so you can affordably protect your data and reputation.

Are you ready to eliminate IT complexities and unpredictable costs? Talk to a cloud expert.