Conquer data growth with industry-leading storage technologies

Data today is growing at an incredible rate. The proliferation of email and file data, growing archive and compliance requirements, initiatives to go paperless, and efforts to consolidate or centralize your infrastructure can all add to your storage footprint.

As your data grows, you must balance the cost and performance of the storage that you use. Zumasys partners with leading storage and data management companies to bring you the latest storage innovations that can help you drive efficiencies and boost IT performance for your organization.

“[NetApp] has a long history of not just improving existing technologies but creating radical new products that are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.”

Ryan Beaty | Zumasys
Ryan Beaty
Infrastructure Practice Manager, Zumasys
modern user interface

Simplify management

Use advanced automation for routine management to free your IT administrators to focus on higher-value projects

data protection

Protect your data and your business

Leverage the latest data protection software to enable high availability and speed recovery in the event of a disaster

speed time to market

Speed time to market

Take advantage of flash innovations to improve performance and speed time to market

scalable provisioning

Improve business responsiveness

Provide instant, scalable provisioning for virtual servers and desktops

lower costs

Lower costs

Apply latest storage efficiency technologies to reduce storage footprint and lower operational costs

Use 50% less storage in virtual environments.

NetApp Data ONTAP is the world’s #1 storage operating system

NetApp guarantees* that customers will use 50% less storage

NetApp storage powers 96% of FORTUNE 100

Why Zumasys

Few businesses can afford to staff IT specialists for every aspect of their infrastructure—and no IT administrator can be an expert in everything. When you partner with Zumasys, you gain access to a team of highly specialized engineers, including storage engineers, networking engineers, virtualization engineers, and cloud architects to augment and support your IT staff.

We bring the knowledge and expertise that we’ve gained from years of working on our large-scale cloud platform to small- and medium-sized businesses. We share with our customers the same tools, technologies, and methodologies that we use in our own data center on a daily basis.

Our certified storage engineers can help you bring storage expertise into your company without large operational overhead. You can be sure you’re taking advantage of the latest technologies to maximize the performance, efficiency, and reliability of your storage infrastructure.

Learn how you can maximize the efficiency and performance of your storage infrastructure.

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