Modernizing Legacy Systems

With the ever-changing business landscape, MultiValue customers face the problem of integrating their legacy systems with new technologies, web applications, mobile applications, and cloud solutions.

Without access to the latest technologies, it can be difficult to cultivate new business. Yet, replacing a MultiValue system can be expensive, risky, and time-consuming.

As a result, many MultiValue customers can feel trapped by their applications.

MultiValue 2.0 – The Evolution of MultiValue

MultiValue 2.0 is the evolution of MultiValue, embracing NoSQL and Web 2.0 frameworks and technologies to reinvent your critical business application into a modern web-based application. Leveraging Web 2.0 frameworks like Angular JS with RESTful Web Services, Zumasys can help organizations create a modern, browser-based interface unlocking the full potential of their application. RESTful Web Services APIs unlock access to your data and give developers the tools to boost productivity and integrate with new SaaS based and role specific applications.

Zumasys has spent the last decade building the most experienced, capable bench of MultiValue professionals in the industry. Our seasoned professionals help customers innovate legacy applications as modern and feature-rich as any available on the market today.

Zumasys Makes It Easy

Zumasys helps organizations seamlessly integrate modern and legacy systems—easily preparing older infrastructure for future integrations. Businesses can instantly unlock API connectivity to popular applications and services, allowing integration with just about any application or service. Maintain decades of priceless business logic while embracing the technologies of tomorrow, today.

Reduce Costs and Risk

Avoid expensive, risky and time-consuming process of replacing a MultiValue system.

Avoid Time-Consuming Retraining

Embrace your current applications and keep your business processes and software.

Eliminate Vendor Lock-In

Use mainstream Web 2.0 frameworks and technologies developed by Google and Facebook.

Ensure Flexibility for the Future

Integrate your application with modern API connectivity into popular applications.

Ready to modernize your legacy system? We can help!