Dave Kam

MultiValue Software Engineer   949 383 2433

David Kam brings 15 years of industry experience to his role as MultiValue Software Engineer at Zumasys. In this role, David works with Zumasys’ MultiValue team to help customers bring their applications into the 21st century without losing critical functionality or data. Prior joining Zumasys in 2016, David was a Branch Manager at The Nerdery in Chicago. He also spent seven years as a software engineer at The Nerdery, specializing in custom application development and implementation for customers large and small.

A lifelong computer nerd, David grew up “hacking” and programming and never looked back. He also enjoys traveling and is only two states away  from joining the All Fifty Club. David is an active community volunteer, and has been a mentor for CoderDojoChi since 2014, teaching web, game, and app development to kids and young adults.

How does what you do benefit customers? I work with customers to understand their unique MultiValue requirements and design purpose-built solutions that meet those needs while improving efficiency and scalability.

  • Joined: October 2016
  • Quote to live by: “Just do it.”
  • On my tombstone: “Died while fighting off ninjas on a sinking battleship.”
  • Favorite movie quote: “What would you say you do here?
  • In my free time: Travel, tabletop and video games, volunteering