Dave McCary


   949 334 0323

As Zumasys’ Software Sales Manager, Dave McCary helps achieve the strategic vision of the software development discipline at Zumasys. Focusing on the customer-centric side of that vision, Dave has spent the last 10 years building an expertise in custom software development and how it can be used to help businesses of every size deliver value-add services to their customers. As Zumasys builds and acquires new software products, Dave consults with customers to determine how they can best leverage these tools to provide the most value to their organizations.

Dave also serves as a Zumasys Cultural Ambassador, consulting with executive leaders to help them understand the business value of the latest technologies. Dave’s ability to distill complex technology solutions into business language helps corporate leaders make educated decisions without becoming subject-matter experts. Dave is a frequent speaker at technology and industry events, with a special focus on cloud computing, Pick/MultiValue systems, and technology solutions for the produce industry. His recent speaking engagements include events at the OC Register, Produce Marketing Association, TigerLogic Pick Conference and the Fresh Produce & Floral Council.

As Cultural Ambassador, Dave also works with companies to help them integrate aspects of Zumasys’ culture into their own organizations, from developing community giving programs to increasing employee satisfaction and building a focus on high-value customer service. Dave is a frequent contributor to the Zumasys blog and video series.

Dave joined Zumasys in 2005 after a career as an aspiring professional musician. As a self-described “extra-extrovert,” Dave quickly found a home on the Zumasys sales team and has been a member of the Zumasys management team since 2012. Dave is a happily married father of two, an avid Deadhead, a foodie, a musician and a science nerd. 

How does what you do benefit customers? I work with customers to understand their unique business challenges, so I can help them design a solution that fits their needs. I love it when their story and ours turn into a new story.

  • Joined: 2005
  • Credits: Dale Carnegie Graduate, Sales Advantage; NetApp Sales Professional; VMware Sales Professional; Citrix Sales Professional
  • Music of Choice: The Grateful Dead
  • Favorite Song: Jack Straw
  • Favorite Book Series: “The Wheel of Time” by Robert Jordan
  • Most Impactful Author: Richard Dawkins