Frank Petillo

MultiValue Practice Manager   949 334 0361

Frank started tinkering with electronics at age 10 and never stopped. At age 12 he built his first Heathkit Color TV (Remember those?). After High School, he decided to serve his country by joining the U.S. Army. There he worked in the Missile Guidance Systems field while stationed in Germany. For the next three years as he traveled throughout Europe, he learned the art of programming. At first it was basic on the TRS-80 Model I and then Pick Basic. Soon after, many other programming languages fell in line. After returning to the US, he immediately took a job with Texas Instruments as a Mainframe Hardware/Software Technician for NOAA.

Switching careers into the programming market, he took his first real Pick programming job with Fire Islander and worked rewriting their apparel manufacturing system over the next 2 years. Frank continued working in the field of programming, writing application code in Business Basic, COBOL, C, Visual Basic, Turbo Pascal, Assembler, Fortran, Forth and a number of other languages. Never leaving the Pick world, he started integrating Pick systems with outside databases, fax services, web, and shipping applications. Working closely with Zumasys over a number of years through his affiliation with Choice Computing, Frank joined Zumasys in 2010 as part of the Choice Computing Acquisition and currently provides D3/Universe/Unidata database and server integration, programming, and support. Most recently, Frank developed the Z-SQL tool, used to move Pick data to and from SQL servers.

  • Joined: 2010
  • My Passion: Computers, Gadgets, Sailing, Golfing, Soccer & COD
  • Inspiration: Darlene, his wife and their 5 children, Rebecca, Erika, Nicole, Lauren and Frankie (Yep, finally the boy!)