Garrett Ono


Garrett is a virtualization and networking support expert, with over seven years of experience in helping customers navigate and troubleshoot their virtual IT environments. Prior to joining Zumasys in 2016, Garrett was a Cloud Specialist and Account Manager for VPLS, an IT Solutions provider based in Orange, California. Garrett also spent six years there as an NOC Technician, working with customers to protect them from cyber threats and solve critical IT issues. His areas of expertise include Cisco, Foundry, Brocade, and Juniper routing and switching equipment as well as virtualization and storage.
At Zumasys, Garrett is a Sales Administrator, helping customers grow their IT investments and make smart decisions for the future. Garrett’s dual background in virtualization and support makes him a trusted advisor for his customers and a valued asset for the Zumasys sales team. His responsibilities include qualifying inbound leads, answering sales line inquiries, and performing sales-related administrative tasks that serve the needs of his clients.

Despite being born and raised in La Habra, California, where there’s no ice to be found, Garrett is a lifelong hockey fan and is, himself, an avid player. He also enjoys fishing and spending time with his family.

How does what you do benefit customers? I strive to earn our clients’ business by building a personal connection beyond the product or solution and fill in the gaps where Zumasys can give our customers a personalized and caring experience.

  • Joined: July 2016
  • Full-blown obsession: Hockey
  • Quote to live by: “Do or do not, there is no try”