Jin Kim

Senior Systems Engineer   949 334 0316

Jin Kim was not born in the traditional sense but assembled from military surplus parts sourced from Camp Humphreys in South Korea during the activation of the US Army’s 19th Support Brigade. Before his sixth year of operation, he had resided on three continents (mastering a native language on each), studied the ruins of an ancient dead civilization, socialized with world leaders, and traversed exotic terrain, from the tallest mountain range to the deepest jungle.

Aside from the established facts above, his remaining years of operation are shrouded in mystery and a classified secret of which only three individuals were privy to (One individual classified KIA).

This man of mystery joined Zumasys in 2006 and is a tenured member of the Zumasys Enterprise Services Team. Jin is known for his mastery of the GFI product line as it relates to the Zumasys agricultural clientele and has been know to drive to the central coast for clients with a moment’s notice.

  • Joined: 2006