Lisa Padilla

Relationship Manager   949 334 0354

At Zumasys, our goal is to make our customers feel like they are a valued member of the Zumasys family. Part of building that relationship comes from our desire to deliver the highest quality, personalized service for each one of our clients.

Having worked in customer relations for nearly her entire professional career, Lisa Padilla understands how important it is for clients to be treated with the highest level of respect and care. With a culinary background, Lisa got her foundation in customer service working at various fine restaurants and world-class resort destinations, including Montage Hotels & Resorts in Laguna Beach, where she managed the luxurious Studio restaurant. At Studio, Lisa developed a keen understanding of what it takes to make customers feel welcome and valued.

It’s that dedication to customer satisfaction that would eventually lead Lisa to Zumasys. While Lisa was unfamiliar with the tech industry, she found that Zumasys was committed to all of the same values that she championed at Montage: commitment to customer relationships, building personalized rapport with clients, and delivering exceptional service.

Lisa decided to leave her life-long career in the food and beverage industry and come to Zumasys, a new and exciting challenge which she happily welcomed. As a Relationship Manager at Zumasys, Lisa uses her deep experience in customer service and hospitality to provide a personalized, dedicated experience for Zumasys’s cloud customers across the country.

Not surprisingly, when she’s not at work, Lisa loves to cook. Her passion for cooking is part and parcel to her love of serving; giving as much care to the food she prepares as to the people she feeds. And Lisa’s favorite taste-tester is always her 18-month-old son, Hudson.

How does what you do benefit Zumasys customers? By delivering highly-personalized service with our custom cloud solutions, I help build lasting relationships with our customers, establishing a key partnership for their journey to the cloud.

  • Joined: 2013
  • Favorite band: The Black Keys
  • Full-Blown obsession: My cookbook collection
  • On the bucket list: Eat at Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo, Japan
  • Inspiration: Heart-thumping spin classes at the crack of dawn fuel my inspirations of the day!
  • Quote to live by: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!” — Mae West
  • Favorite movie line: “Get busy living or get busy dying. There ain’t nothing in between.” — Shawshank Redemption