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Lori Ridgeway

Operations Administrator   949 334 0351

Lori Ridgeway has worked in accounting for virtually all of her professional career. What started as a high school summer job turned into a full-fledged career as a Commodity Accounting Clerk for El Toro Export in El Centro, California. While at El Toro, Lori got the chance to work with customers from around the globe, with clients in Japan, China, and Korea.

An international explorer at heart, Lori has been across the world on expeditions to Italy, Spain, England, France, Ireland, and all over the US, discovering new places and meeting new people along the way. Learning about world cultures and business styles at El Toro fed Lori’s desire to travel and gave her a new perspective on how to meet a wide variety of customer needs.

Since August of 2014, Lori has been a part of Zumasys’ operations team, working with everything from monthly billing, timecards and agreement reconciliation, recurring billings, contract administration, month-end billing processes, and everything in between. Lori also works with Zumasys’ AccuTerm product line by fulfilling and handling online AccuTerm orders. Her experience in accounting and customer service makes her a perfect fit for her role that is both technical and client-focused.

When she’s not at the office, Lori loves to explore, particularly around her new Orange County home. And if she’s at home, Lori loves to read, spend time with family, and watch reality TV (her guilty pleasure).

How does what you do benefit customers? I help customers by expediting their order process and making sure their business experience with Zumasys is smooth and successful.

  • Joined: August 2014
  • In my spare time: Traveling, going on Harley rides with her dad
  • Inspiration: Music—you can get anything accomplished with the right soundtrack
  • On her bucket list: Mardi Gras in New Orleans, jumping off of the Sky Tower in New Zealand, and zip-lining in Costa Rica