Maxx Blason

PROJECT MANAGER   949 334 0381

As a Project Manager in the Zumasys Project Management team, Maxx Blason assists customers in implementing strategic IT initiatives that drive innovation and create real business change. With years of experience in service-oriented industries, Maxx is dedicated to building lasting relationships of mutual value with Zumasys’ growing customer base.

When he’s not at work, Maxx enjoys volunteering and serving the less fortunate in the local Orange County area. With his family and friends, Maxx makes a weekly effort to serve at a local homeless kitchen or charity organization. He is also an avid hiker, tennis player, and golfer. Maxx has a degree in Business Administration from Cal State Fullerton with a concentration in Marketing.

How does what you do benefit customers? Together with the Zumasys Project Management team, I help customers successfully navigate their most important IT transformations, whether it’s moving applications to the cloud, deriving more value from legacy ERP systems, or virtualizing critical workloads to accelerate business breakthroughs.

  • Joined: November 2015
  • Quote to live by: “You like someone for their strengths, but you love someone for their weaknesses.”
  • On the bucket list: Dedicate a couple of years to volunteer in an underprivileged part of the world.
  • Favorite music: The Offspring