Michille Watson

Account Manager   949 334 0364

At Zumasys, establishing solid relationships with our customers is the foundation for the way we do business. Michille Watson has not only experienced this personalized touch first hand as a past customer of Zumasys, but now she lives it out every day as our Cloud Relationship Manager, working with our many cloud customers all over the country to ensure that their solutions are running smoothly and providing the maximum benefits to their business.

Customer service is the cornerstone of Michille’s professional career. Working her way through the packaging industry, starting with buying, through customer service, equipment administrative support, sales support, and most recently as a Training and Process Manager at Heritage Paper Co., Michille has a keen sense of the customer’s needs and how best to achieve them. With over 30 years of experience serving customers in a wide variety of industries, Michille understands the different requirements of business and knows the best ways to respond with solutions to customers’ most pressing issues.

As a client of Zumasys for nearly a decade, Michille was always impressed by Zumasys’s level of professionalism and their dedication to the success of their customers. When Michille began searching for a new career that fit her culturally as well as professionally, Michille couldn’t think of any place she would rather work. And the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s leading cloud solutions in a rapidly expanding market really sparked her excitement. By assisting customers in understanding the benefits of the cloud for their business, Michille helps eliminate the intimidation and mystery of the cloud, building trust and confidence in Zumasys and our solutions.

When Michille isn’t helping people, she also loves helping animals. Whether it’s a lost dog, an injured bird, or a kitty that needs a home, critters in need always seem to find her, and Michille just can’t help but take them in and care for them until they get better or find their way back home. A Southern California local, Michille also enjoys doing DIY repairs on her Orange County home, a talent that has earned her the respected title of “MacGyver” from her friends and family.

How does what you do benefit customers? The most valuable thing Zumasys can do for their customers is to provide reliable service, information, and guidance before, during, and after the sale. My focus on maintaining a strong relationship with the customer ensures all of that happens, helping customers grow their business by harnessing the power of technology.

  • Joined: 2013
  • Favorite Band: Journey
  • My passion: Helping animals in need
  • Quote to live by: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
  • On the bucket list: Visit all 50 states