George Dudenhefer

Director of Business Development

George Dudenhefer Director of Business Development   949 334 0305 Since 1999, George Dudenhefer has been working in the field of IT infrastructure. Combining his 7 years of successful sales experience in a non-technical role, he joined a company in Atlanta, Georgia with 3 employees and endeavored to build a virtualization, application delivery, enterprise storage…
Ray Gasser

Vice President, Software Development

Ray Gasser Vice President, Software Development   949 334 0290 While studying Environmental Science in College, Ray discovered a love for computers. After college he moved to the burgeoning Silicon Valley where he began work as a system designer for component testing processes. In his spare time, out of passion and necessity, Ray learned how…
Jennifer McGraw

Chief Operating Officer

Jennifer McGraw Chief Operating Officer   949 334 0325 As Zumasys’ Chief Operating Officer (COO), Jennifer plays a key role in the success and daily operations of the company. Working closely with Zumasys President Paul Giobbi, Jennifer is responsible for executing the organization’s strategic plan and aligning personnel with the company’s goals through coaching and recognition…
Wouter Schuchner | Zumasys
Wouter Schuchner

Senior Developer

Wouter Schuchner Senior Developer   949 334 0306 Wouter Schuchner came to Zumasys in 2011 with over 30 years experience in Pick / D3 software design and development. With a broad background in application software development, and an emphasis in manufacturing applications, Wouter has programmed projects such as robotic warehouse interfacing, SOX compliance, performance and…
Randy Joyce

Creative Director

Randy Joyce Creative Director   949 334 0315 Randy Joyce is Zumasys’ creative director. He is responsible for defining and executing the creative vision of the company across its visual identity and digital platforms. A ten-year veteran of Zumasys, Randy is dedicated to communicating the spirit of Zumasys through information and experiences that excite and engage customers.…
Irwin Fletcher
Irwin M. Fletcher


Irwin M. Fletcher Journalist I'm an investigative reporter for a Los Angeles newspaper. I write a column under the by-line of Jane Doe. What the hey, it's better than Irwin. In case you haven't guessed yet, there's been a lot of drug traffic on the beach. And I'm not talking about Robitussin and No-Doze. I'm…