Sam Wozniak

Senior Systems Engineer   949 334 0343

Sam was born and raised in Wisconsin with four younger brothers and one older sister. As a small boy he needed to learn how to play games on his father’s x386 on DOS. From there, he learned about directories, file system structure, executables, scripts, and the inevitable software bug. His fate was sealed. Sam picked up a keyboard and a mouse and never put them down again.

After earning an associate’s degree in Microcomputer Specialty from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College he immediately started working for a small value added reseller (VAR). Sam started off in presales with his first VAR which was an IBM partner. From there, Sam moved into Linux administration as part of a staff augmentation out to a larger company. It was after Sam did some work in backup and recovery that he was drawn into primary storage administration, which led him to discover NetApp technologies. Sam eventually got some good experience implementing NetApp solutions and training customers on how to best use them in their own storage environments, gaining more and more knowledge and certifications along the way.

When a headhunter called Sam telling him about an open position at Zumasys, he decided to find out what this company was really all about. Sam was immediately drawn to the culture at Zumasys after meeting with Andy Takacs and Ryan Beaty. Sam appreciates working with the intelligent and friendly people at Zumasys, where he immediately feels right at home in an industry he loves.

At Zumasys, Sam is a member of the Enterprise Services Team, specializing in NetApp storage and VMware virtualization. He brings years of experience and knowledge from numerous implementations for clients big and small across many industries.

When he’s not working with storage, networking, and hypervisors, Sam likes to get outside. He’s a fan of all outdoor activities, especially outrigger canoeing and scuba diving. He heard about outrigger canoeing from a friend that he met in his scuba club, and he decided to give it a shot. Turns out Sam has as much fun on top of the water as he does underneath it! He figures that if he’s going to live right next to the ocean in Southern California, he should take full advantage of it.

How does what you do benefit customers? I help customers gain more knowledge about their Zumasys systems, so that they can be more proactive about problem solving and get back to business faster.

  • Joined: 2013
  • Credits: NCDA (7-mode & cDOT), NCIE-SAN (7-mode & cDOT), NCIE-BR (7-mode & cDOT), NAIP
  • Favorite Saying: “How you think is everything. Always be positive. Think success, not failure. Beware of a negative environment.” – IBD