Tom McTeer

Vice President, Engineering   949 334 0312

Tom McTeer is the VP of Engineering at Zumasys, where he brings more than 30 years of experience to a diverse range of technologies, including LINUX, Windows, and AIX based D3 systems; WiFi deployments for warehouse ERP systems; and network infrastructures.

Tom’s interest in technology goes back more than 30 years to before the invention of the PC. Tom, a Bakersfield native, first moved to Orange County in 1978 when he began working for Pick Systems in computer hardware manufacturing. In 1982, Pick sold it’s hardware division to Evolution Computers and Tom followed the hardware. Evolution closed its doors in 1984 allowing Tom to start The Computer Clinic, a national provider of professional services and a leading developer of tape software solutions.

In 2001, Zumasys purchased The Computer Clinic, expanding Zumasys’ focus on national on-site installation services and complementing its capabilities as a provider of custom-built servers, thin client solutions, and 24/7 relational database support.

Tom likes to spend his free time with his wife, two sons, and their Golden Retriever. Tom’s passion for technology has grown over time, leading him to his most recent hobby: lighting animation. Over the last four years, Tom and his wife have become experts in the sequencing of LED light displays to music. It takes all year to plan and build props for their Halloween and Christmas display alone.

Tom and his wife are also drawn to exploring the world through adventure travel. On a recent trip to Vancouver, Canada, Tom and his wife became hooked on zip-lining. And in August 2010, the couple travelled to Australia with the Zumasys International Travel Incentive.

How does what you do benefit customers? I make sure that the customer has the right equipment and infrastructure for their systems to run smoothly. I am passionate about matching the right technologies to the needs of our customers.

  • Joined: 2001
  • Credits: Self taught MacGyver, ShoreTel and IBM AIX
  • Favorite band: Anything from Trans-Siberian Orchestra to AC/DC
  • Full-Blown obsession: Lighting animation
  • On the bucket list: Zip-lining around the world!