Modernize Your Pick System with Web 2.0 Technologies




11:00 AM - 12:00 PM



Event Overview:

Think your Pick system is old and out of date? Think again.

With the rise of NoSQL databases, like MongoDB and HBase, the Pick data model is growing in popularity. And as Web 2.0 frameworks emerge to integrate browser-based development with NoSQL back-ends, it’s opening up a world of opportunity for your Pick applications.

Not only does your Pick application have years—probably decades—of critical business information, it’s probably faster and more efficient that anything you could get to replace it. And, now, Web 2.0 frameworks, such as AngularJS, can easily integrate with your MultiValue platform to help you build fast, interactive applications as modern and feature-rich as any available on the market today.

Join Zumasys Technical Evangelist Patrick Payne for a special Webinar, featuring an interactive discussion and demonstration of how modern Web 2.0 frameworks can integrate with your Pick system.


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