A database built for the future

jBASE is a world-class database management system that combines development tools and middleware with a multi-dimensional database. jBASE offers the rich features of a relational database model with ease of use, superb performance, and a small footprint. The architecture integrates with a variety of application development tools and backend databases, so you can preserve decades of custom MultiValue programs but move forward with mainstream development.


Under the covers, jBASE is very different from other older MultiValue implementations. It offers a laundry-list of unique features that make it ideally suited to all business uses, including platform independence, database independence, and deep integration with the operating system—no virtual machine required. With jBASE, you can design your application around your business—not the other way around.

With jBASE as a Service (jBaaS) from Zumasys, you can run your application in the cloud—taking advantage of Zumasys’ enterprise-class infrastructure and support with pay-per-use pricing. Rest easy knowing that your applications and databases are being maintained and secured 24/7/365. Zumasys allows you to scale or modify resources on-demand while giving you maximum control and ownership over your applications. With one of the longest-tenured cloud deployments in the industry, we have the expertise and the experience to optimize the deployment and management of your jBASE applications in the cloud.

Gain anytime, anywhere access

Leverage Zumasys’ experience running jBASE in the cloud and get jBASE as a Service for a predictable monthly fee


Access 24/7, personalized support for your applications from Zumasys’ support engineers and expert software development team


Leverage mainstream migration and development tools for a seamless migration


Design your database around your business requirements


Improve reliability and speed for your MultiValue database applications

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