Today on Technology Tuesday, it’s all about Nimble Cloud Volumes!

Nimble Storage is placing a big bet on cloud-ready storage. Now available, Nimble Cloud Volumes will provide independent storage for both Azure and AWS. These are not software layers sitting on top of S3 or Azure block storage, but fully privatized Nimble Storage devices effectively adjacent to the compute power of those two hyperscalers.

Here’s why that’s exciting: It will allow you to empower your cloud VMs with Nimble’s massive Infosight Predictive Analytics engine to provide unprecedented storage reporting and awareness in cloud. It will also allow for seamless migration between AWS and Azure without having to migrate storage. Eventually, it will provide on-prem and cloud migration as well. Existing Nimble users will benefit from a familiar storage management interface and actions. All this for cloud-friendly, per-GB subscription pricing.

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Ready to move your enterprise applications to the cloud? Nimble Cloud Volumes will get them there faster. Learn how.

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