Increase your PICK development efficiencies with Containers and Docker

What Are Containers?

Similar to the server virtualization revolution (led by juggernauts like VMware), containers are transforming software development. Containers automate the deployment of code by packaging everything up — the app, the operating system and all its dependencies — so your application runs quickly and reliably from one computing environment to another. Container technology uses only one instance of an operating system so images are small and portable. Docker is a $1 billion software startup and the leading enterprise-ready container platform.

Join Zumasys Chief Software Evangelist, Patrick Payne, and Senior Software Developer, Mike Wright, for this webinar where we will demonstrate how you can use Docker, Kubernetes and other container technology to both assist in the development and deploy to production.

Things you will learn:

  • Understand the basics of container technology including terminology and benefits
  • Explore the more than 100,000 container images from Docker Hub store
  • Learn how to pull images that are already running including jBASE and OpenQM*
  • Hear about the future of running jBASE, OpenQM or your favorite PICK database using this technology
  • Get Pick database/container instances up and running in a matter of minutes