Some of the trends we'll discuss:

  • ERPs are no longer just internal – more and more business ERP systems are connecting to the outside world through customer facing portals and other 3rd party API integrations.
  • Remote access is king – if the pandemic taught us anything, having on-demand remote and mobile access, is now mission-critical.
  • The rise of iERP and business intelligence – Leveraging AI, BI and analytics will lead businesses towards a path of hyper-efficiency. With more powerful tools and real-time reporting, the data within your applications become more valuable than ever before.
  • Continual evolution and improvement – With many apps moving to the Cloud and SaaS delivery models, waiting for upgrades is replaced with continual improvement. New features will now evolve with the speed of business.

Building a Path Forward - Trends in ERP & PICK Applications

6/23/20229:00am PDT1 hour