Growing up in an art-loving family, Kate developed an interest in fashion, art, and music early in her life. From a young age, her life revolved around music and the music scene. She began helping her friends with underground music promotion and party planning, learning the fundamentals of marketing the hard way. In college, she turned her hobby into a career, earning her degree in marketing at Cal State Fullerton. While in college, Kate started working in fashion and retail marketing at Crush Clothing in Costa Mesa, California, where she exercised her creative talent and honed her expertise. She later went on to work for Lomography, an analog toy camera company in West Hollywood. At Lomography, Kate taught classes about the toy camera and led photography tours, encouraging people to experiment with new techniques and settings. Kate connected with Zumasys in 2012 and was instantly drawn to the culture. In her free time, she’s probably reading a design blog or taking photos of her favorite subject—her Chihuahua Betty.