Zumasys works with you to custom create an IT solution that brings together storage, virtualization, data protection, and networking technologies from the industry’s leading vendors. With over 100 individual certifications, our team of engineers can help you use the latest technologies to turn IT from a cost center into a business enabler.


Data today is growing at an incredible rate. The proliferation of email and file data, growing archive and compliance requirements, initiatives to go paperless, and efforts to consolidate or centralize your infrastructure can all add to your storage footprint.

As your data grows, you must balance the cost and performance of the storage that you use. Zumasys partners with leading storage and data management companies to bring you the latest storage innovations that can help you drive efficiencies and boost IT performance for your organization.


Server Virtualization

Server and storage virtualization can transform the way you provision and consume IT resources and pave the way for private cloud computing and virtual desktop infrastructures. With the ability to run multiple operating systems on a single physical server, you can improve resource utilization and boost IT responsiveness to changing business demands.

Desktop Virtualization

In today’s always-on world, enabling your users to access their data and applications anytime, anywhere, using any device is critical to maintaining a competitive edge. Zumasys desktop virtualization solutions can help you boost IT agility by enabling centralized management of your desktop environments. We offer leading technologies and extensive expertise to help you unlock the power of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Network Security

With the complexity of security threats to your organization growing daily, your network security solution can become just as complex. Zumasys offers a range of solutions from the industry’s leading vendors to help you improve security, streamline management, and gain insight into the security of your environment.

Disaster Recovery

Whether you’re interested in implementing on-site business continuity, building a secondary site for replication and disaster recovery, or backing up to the cloud, Zumasys can create a personalized solution that blends traditional IT and cloud resources to achieve your DR objectives—without breaking the bank.