Bruce Decker

Enterprise Account Executive

Bruce Decker, Senior Solutions Consultant and Pre-Sales Engineer for Zumasys’ MultiValue practice, is a longstanding expert in the MultiValue and Pick industry. As the founder of Blue Prairie, a MultiValue migration consulting business, and a key leader at Strategy 7, an international value-added reseller for HP and IBM, Bruce spent decades honing his craft before joining the Zumasys team.

After being introduced to MultiValue in 1985 with ADP/Microdata, Bruce immediately saw immense business value for customers. Bruce’s first foray into MultiValue was porting assembler code for a MultiValue-based electronic spreadsheet called CompuSheet. That led to his involvement in Via Systems, whose ViaDuct terminal emulation products set the standard for MultiValue in the enterprise. Bruce is also the creator of various other MultiValue tools, such as CloudStreet Portal—a Joomla CMS/Twitter Bootstrap-based responsive-UI content management system with interface to MultiValue systems.

As the head of Blue Prairie, Bruce managed many large-scale MultiValue migration projects ranging from 20 to over 2,000 users, including the world-wide deployment of the BroadVision CMS for a top multi-level marketing company. Bruce has spoken at a number of MultiValue industry events, including the 2014 SHIMS user conference in Philadelphia.

At Zumasys, Bruce is responsible for helping Zumasys customers with pre-sale tech consulting, building long-lasting relationships of trust and mutual support. Bruce’s extensive experience is invaluable as he works with Zumasys to expand its Pick investments and drive innovations in the cloud and beyond.

When he’s not at work, Bruce is an active volleyball player and coach. He is also a certificated pilot for private planes, sailplanes, and hang gliders. His other pastimes include mountain biking, skiing, and scuba diving.

  • Joined: 2014
  • Favorite movies: Being There, Tombstone
  • Favorite movie quote: “Write it again, half as long.” – A River Runs Through It