Christian Ortiz

Software Developer

Christian Ortiz is a Software Developer in the Application Development Division of Zumasys. He works across the entire technical stack for Rover ERP and Rover Business Suite, deploying cutting edge APIs and feature rich web applications on Microsoft Azure with OpenQM, C#, Vue.js and TypeScript.

Prior to joining Zumasys, Christian worked at Saama Inc. as an Associate Consultant. He worked on developing proofs of concept for clients in the pharmaceutical space as well as building features on their chatbot DaLIA using a combination of data analytics and web development. Christian built data visualizations using Tableau, used machine learning to gain insights, and developed on their web applications using React and Python.

Christian spends a lot of his free time with his dog Blue—the park and the beach are 2 of Blue’s favorite hangouts. When he’s not taking care of Blue, Christian is usually watching basketball or playing video games with his friends. He’s also a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!