Donna Saviano

Senior Software Developer

Donna Saviano is a Senior Software Developer who joined Zumasys in May 2021 as part of the acquisition of Crescendo ERP from Efficiency Partners, LLC. She was a member of the original Efficiency Partners team that formed in 2006 and has been in a long-term relationship (over 28 years!) with the same ERP system since May 1994, through her previous jobs. She is a Crescendo subject matter expert and is personally committed to taking excellent care of her customers, many of whom had worked with Efficiency Partners for decades.
Donna currently lives in a rural town in Upstate NY and is a member of a group called Street Soldiers that feeds homeless and individuals in need in neighboring Albany and Rensselaer communities. Her passion for helping others is evident by the number of amazing people, both volunteers and recipients, she has met since she began serving with them in April of 2019. When Donna isn’t working with people solving problems and helping to make their jobs and lives easier, she enjoys spending time outdoors hiking with her dogs. Word of her kind and generous nature seems to have gotten around town – just ask her about the chipmunk that comes for sunflower seeds when she calls!