John Riley

Senior Developer / Business Analyst

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, John Riley found a love for technology and a desire for knowledge early on in his life. After serving in the military, John spent two years at the University of Minnesota working toward a degree in biology before switching to computer science at Mankato State University. At the suggestion of his father, John decided to learn programming, a decision which would change the course of his life.

After college, John went to work in computer science and programming at Control Data, where he built a solid foundation in programming. In 1976, John began to expand his skills to Multivalue systems, a specialization he has pursued ever since.

John joined Zumasys in April of 2013 as a Senior Developer, after nearly eight years with Sierra Bravo/The Nerdery. At Zumasys, John is happy to continue expanding his skills—even after more almost 50 years in the business. John appreciates the customer-centric culture at Zumasys, where he can develop unique relationships with each client to deliver the best customer experience possible.

The most important thing in John’s life has always been his family. He loves spending time with his wife, his son, his daughter in law, and his two grandsons—whom he absolutely adores and spoils whenever he can get the chance! He strives every day to be a good father, husband, and role model for his family.

How does what you do benefit customers? I work closely with our customers to provide them with top-quality programming support. I also help them with developing new products and recommending future projects and system upgrades as required. My goal is to gain a deep understanding of each customer’s business, so I can serve their needs in the best way I can.

  • Joined: 2013
  • Credits: Degree in Computer Science from Mankato State University
  • In my spare time: I love taking piano lessons and working in the garden
  • Favorite movie quote: “Here’s looking at you kid.” – Casablanca
  • On the bucket list: A trip to Ireland.