Josh Camacho


Zumasys Senior Software Development Manager Josh Camacho takes a lead role in client relationships, consulting with customers to understand their business challenges and ongoing needs. As the former CEO of OPTO International, Josh brings a deep understanding of how companies can optimize communication and processes to operate more efficiently.

Josh began his career with OPTO in 2002 as a Marketing and IT assistant. When the need arose for a company-wide inventory system, Josh became an expert in Pick MultiValue database programming, using the existing jBASE system to build a scalable ERP platform. In the process, Josh studied every aspect of the company and its underlying needs—from accounting to inventory, sales, and quoting—and improved operations to drive a 5-point margin increase in gross profit. With his deep understanding of company operations, Josh rose to CEO of OPTO in 2013.

As a former jBASE customer himself, Josh understands the multifaceted needs companies have for their MultiValue database software. Today, he works with a variety of clients to understand their unique business objectives, helping them to drive innovation and encourage greater efficiency. He is excited to help clients develop creative approaches to solving problems and streamlining processes.

Zumasys President Paul Giobbi is thrilled to have Josh on board, saying, “Josh truly understands firsthand the challenges that our customers face with their applications. Josh used jBASE to fundamentally change the way OPTO does business. We want to share that success and replicate it with Zumasys customers around the world.”

  • Joined: 2018
  • Native of: Chicago
  • Credits: Former CEO of OPTO International
  • Favorite travel destination: Mexico City