Martin Phillips


As the co-founder of Ladybridge Systems and the creator of the OpenQM database, Martin brings over 45 years of experience in software development to the Zumasys team. Today, as Zumasys’ Senior Database Architect, Martin continues to be responsible for the design, implementation and improvement of OpenQM. Martin began his career with International Computers Limited, where he spent 9 years honing his skills in software systems development. He then transitioned to Prime Computer, where he led one of two teams responsible for the design and development of the PI/open MultiValue database. When Prime experienced significant downsizing, Martin co-founded Ladybridge Systems to develop application migration tools that would help users transition from Prime’s proprietary systems to open systems. When the need for an embedded database product arose, OpenQM was born. In January 2019, Zumasys acquired OpenQM, bringing Martin on board to guide the ongoing development of the database. As the original product architect, Martin brings unparalleled experience to the Zumasys team. Martin is passionate about continuously adding features to extend the core OpenQM system. His role at Zumasys allows him to continue to take an active role in the development of OpenQM while leveraging Zumasys’ sales and marketing power to bring OpenQM to new customers.

  • Joined: 2019
  • Native of: Northampton, UK
  • Credits: Co-founder of Ladybridge Systems and developer of OpenQM
  • Passion: Volunteering with the largest provider of event medical services in the UK