Mike Coelho

Chief Financial Officer 

Mike Coelho carries a robust legacy of nearly three decades in the software realm, showcasing a seasoned expertise that has significantly contributed to the sectors he’s ventured into. His journey has seen him at the helm of financial and managerial roles at reputable software corporations, building a repertoire of skills and insights that are instrumental to his current role as the Chief Financial Officer and a Managing Partner at Zumasys. At Zumasys, Mike’s domain extends to the oversight of the Finance and Application Services teams, embodying a pivotal role in the Executive team that is steering the strategic compass of the company towards uncharted avenues of success.

The ethos of Zumasys, encapsulated in its award-winning culture, resonates with Mike’s belief in prioritizing people and purpose, a belief that has been a cornerstone in driving the company’s mission forward. Mike joined Zumasys in January 2015 when Zumasys acquired jBASE, where he was the Controller from December 2002 to December 2014. Prior to that, he enjoyed a 6-year stint at IFS International from 1996 to 2002, marking the early yet significant chapters of his illustrious career.

Outside the corporate sphere, Mike extends his expertise as an active member of Vistage International, engaging with the Naples Florida chapter. A New York native, his recent relocation to Ft. Myers, Florida, has seen him embracing the serene beach life, cherishing precious moments with his family under the Florida sun.

Mike’s journey, underscored by a blend of professional acumen, strategic foresight, and a genuine drive for community and organizational growth, continues to be a source of inspiration and a bedrock of Zumasys’ upward trajectory in the software industry.

  • Joined: 2015