Access your PICK MultiValue system where and when it is needed

The most popular terminal emulator for PICK just got better with a web interface and dozens of exciting new features

AccuTerm 8 Includes

Three Products In One

AccuTerm 8 is a bundle of the Desktop, Web and Mobile editions. AccuTerm 8 is continually updated and our subscription pricing ensures you automatically get the latest features as they are rolled out.

Enhanced Security

AccuTerm 8 now includes OpenSSL,
brand new encryption libraries
and the latest cryptography
to protect your valuable data.

New User Interface

Your users will love our tear off tabs,
drag and drop windows and new
Visual Studio Code color schemes.

Access From Any Device

Run your PICK application over the Web, in the Cloud and embrace Software as a Service (SaaS) with our new HTML5 browser interface.

Why AccuTerm 8?

AccuTerm includes many unique features designed specifically for the MultiValue user
(including D3, jBASE, QM, UniVerse, UniData, Reality, and PICK).

For example, AccuTerm® GUI is designed with the MultiValue developer in mind–all programming is done in PICK BASIC, so you can leverage the existing skill set of your development staff. Plus people rave about WED, a full screen graphical editor with built in compiler. Discover these features and more by visiting the tabs below.

Gain access to your MultiValue database from any device

AccuTerm® software, the leader in terminal emulation, allows you to access your MultiValue application–whether it is on-premises or in the cloud–from any device. With AccuTerm 8, you get high-performance connectivity to your MultiValue systems from Windows, Web and Mobile devices. Plus AccuTerm includes a full complement of productivity features, including visual styles, a full-featured GUI development environment, robust automation interface, and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) scripting.

AccuTerm Features

  • SSL/Telnet and Secure Shell connections
  • Visual Styles give instant facelift to character-based applications
  • Copy and Paste to clipboard
  • Screen print and slave printer support
  • Customizable menu and toolbar
  • Automatic scaleable fonts
  • Screen size up to 240 columns by 240 rows by 25 pages
  • Import/export to Excel, Access, and text files using Wizard
  • VBA compatible scripting language
  • wED Editor makes BASIC programming a joy with color syntax highlighting and code formatting
  • ReZume session resilience handles network interruptions gracefully*
  • AccuTerm Maintenance & Support Program
  • Advanced Color Mapping
  • Super-fast file transfer using ASCII, Kermit, Xmodem, Ymodem & Zmodem
  • Host control of other Windows applications
  • Display images over text screen and play sound files
  • Print Adapter Scripts provide maximum slave printer versatility
  • Modern tabbed interface simplifies using multiple terminal sessions
  • Display images as screen background or over text screen

*Available for Linux and AIX (requires ssh connection)

MultiValue Features

  • Create dictionary-driven reports with phiReport Basic Edition*
  • Easy-to-load MultiValue host programs included
  • Import and export from Excel, Access, HTML, and ASCII text files
  • File transfer wizard simplifies import and export operations
  • Windows-based program code editor does BASIC syntax highlighting
  • GUI development environment with tools to create true GUI MultiValue applications
  • Server function providers Windows programs with access to host data

*Requires AccuTerm Maintenance & Support Program

Super-accurate emulations for:

  • ADDS 4000, Viewpoint A2 & 60
  • Wyse 50 & 60
  • DEC VT52, VT100, VT220, VT320 & VT420
  • Linux & SCO Console
  • Pick PC Monitor
  • MDIS Prism P8 & P30
  • Tektronix 4010, 4014 & 4100

Compatible with 32 & 64-bit versions of:

  • Windows 7 (SP1) *
  • Windows 8 *
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Server 2008 R2
  • Server 2012
  • Server 2012 R2
  • Server 2016
  • Server 2019

*Support ends Jan 14 2020 and afterward Accuterm can only be supported on those platforms as a “best effort” — in other words, we can’t fix issues with windows that Microsoft refuses to fix after that date.


Upgrade to the latest release of AccuTerm!

AccuTerm 8 Single & Multi-User License

$188    (1 seat)
$574    (5 seats)
$952    (10 seats)
$1260  (15 seats)
$1820  (25 seats)
$2794  (50 seats)
$4474  (100 seats)
$7834  (250 seats)

Price includes first $49 Annual Maintenance fee
Price includes first $99 Annual Maintenance fee
Price includes first $102 Annual Maintenance fee
Price includes first $135 Annual Maintenance fee
Price includes first $195 Annual Maintenance fee
Price includes first $299 Annual Maintenance fee
Price includes first $479 Annual Maintenance fee
Price includes first $839 Annual Maintenance fee

For reseller pricing or licenses with more than 250 users, please contact us.

AccuTerm 8 Feature Set

Select the version of AccuTerm that is best for each user

AccuTerm 8 is a subscription model which means we are continually adding new features. Below is the current matrix of available features and some estimated timing on some things that are forthcoming.


Get Industry-Leading performance from your terminal application with AccuTerm’s full-featured Desktop version for Windows PCs. Connect to almost any terminal type via telnet or ssh. Take advantage of unique AccuTerm features for MultiValue databases including the graphical WED editor, FT file transfer capabilities, AccuTerm GUI applications, VS Code integration via MV Basic, ReZume session resilience, and more.


Securely access your system from any web browser (including public computers) with AccuTerm Web. Built from the ground up using web-only protocols, now you can securely navigate your terminal application from anywhere. Connect with confidence using AccuTerm’s ReZume session resilience, and advanced scripting capabilities. Works on PCs, Macs, ChromeOS, and more.


Stay up to date on the go with AccuTerm’s native smartphone app, available for Apple and Android smartphones. Use familiar touch gestures and your phone’s virtual keyboard to gain access to your business applications and terminal reports.

AccuTerm 8 Feature Matrix




Accurate Emulations

ADDS Viewpoint A2 & A2 Enhanced

ADDS Viewpoint 60

Wyse 50 & 60

DEC VT100, VT220, VT320 & VT420


Linux Console

SCO Console


Pick PC Monitor

Tektronix 4010, 4014 & 4105

AccuTerm GUI

Coming Soon

Coming Soon



Coming Soon

ReZUME Session Persistence*

*Linux & AIX hosts only

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

VS Code integration via MV Basic

Function Key Button Bar

Image and Sound Support

Coming Soon

Screen Background Picture (Wallpaper)

Coming Soon

Integrated 400 Page Scrollback

Automatic Scalable Fonts

Screen Size up to 240 columns by 240 rows by 25 pages

Multiple Pre-Defined Themes

Secure Shell

Telnet Support

Websocket Support

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Host App Can Launch Windows Programs

Host App Can Open Web Page

AccuTerm Subscription & Support Program

  • AccuTerm 8 is a bundled of the Desktop, Web and Mobile editions
  • AccuTerm subscription includes maintenance, support and new features as they become available
  • Subscription/maintenance includes limited telephone support

ReZume Session Resilience

  • Now when your network connection drops, you can simply click ReZume and AccuTerm will restore your existing session to exactly where you were
  • Users can keep working without asking IT to intervene
  • ReZume Documentation

VS Code integration via MV Basic

Zumasys Customer Portal provides anytime, anywhere access to everything AccuTerm

  • Access important licensing information.
  • Create, update and manage your support requests.
  • Maintain your AccuTerm Web users, profiles and settings.

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