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Everything you love about AccuTerm®, on the go.

I have AccuTerm Mobile on my smartphone and its great.  Even when away from the store I can access the system and check what is happening! – AccuTerm Mobile User

  • Connection security

    Access your MultiValue applications through a secure SSH connection for maximum privacy and data protection.

  • Terminal compatibility

    Easily integrate AccuTerm Mobile into your MultiValue infrastructure with support for ADDS Viewpoint, Wyse and VT terminals.

  • Productivity integration

    Get even more out of your MultiValue investments with AccuTerm Mobile’s productivity features. Empower your MultiValue application to send an email, dial a phone number, or launch your mobile browser.

  • Tablet agnostic

    Let your users choose how they want to access AccuTerm Mobile, whether they are Apple or Android tablet users.