Create dictionary-driven reports with phiReport Basic Edition

Now included for free in AccuTerm 7.3 with Maintenance

phiReport Basic Edition Feature Set

  • phiReport Basic Edition allows users to generate their own reports through a simple AccuTerm GUI interface
  • Bring your dictionaries and data alive with flexible selection and sorting criteria
  • Render reports into Excel or PDF quickly and easily
  • AccuTerm 7.3 also includes a 30-day trial of phiReport Pro: The Pro version includes “data views” which are a way to present alternate dictionaries cleaned up and/or customized. The view also includes Excel features like colors, font, etc. for data fields, not available in normal dictionaries. The Pro version also includes automatic emailing of reports, API and command-line tools. JSON and ODATA will be available at a later date as an “add-on.”

phiReport Professional Pricing

phiReport Basic Edition is included for free in AccuTerm 7.3 with Maintenance. phiReport Pro includes data mapping, dictionary clean up and automatic emailing of reports. The query tool also allows users to run pre-built queries. phiReport pro is priced as follows:

$3,495 – phiReport Professional: First 20 Users

$750 – phiReport Professional: Each Additional 10 Users

Please refer to our FAQs page for information on evaluating phiReport Professional and activating phiReport Basic.

Zumasys is the primary distributor for phiReport, which is bundled for free with AccuTerm 7.3. Zumasys provides a variety of technology solutions to companies utilizing PICK-based applications and customized enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. It offers AccuTerm software for remote access to PICK MultiValue applications; MulitValue Dashboard for presenting business data within a Web-based graphical interface; the OpenQM database; and jBASE, a comprehensive database management system. The Company was founded in 2000 and is based in San Clemente, California. Learn more at

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