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Because your data is often tucked away in many different corners of your MultiValue system, gathering and analyzing this information can be an inconvenient and time-consuming venture. You need a centralized, web-based portal that you can use daily to view critical stats about your business data and make real-time decisions. MultiValue Dashboard allows you to select and present your critical business data with intuitive, web-based graphical interfaces and widgets, giving you the tools you need to make rapid business decisions based on real-time data.


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Why MultiValue Dashboard

MultiValue Dashboard is a simple, Pick-based web server that any developer can setup in minutes. Because it’s based on the Pick/BASIC programming language, you can utilize your existing knowledge and expertise without worrying about a steep learning curve.

With the most experienced group of Pick and D3 programmers in the country, Zumasys has the expertise you need to maximize your MultiValue investment with MultiValue Dashboard. Contact Zumasys today to find out how we can help you gain valuable insight into your business data with MultiValue Dashboard.

Using MultiValue Dashboard, you can:

  • Rapidly build web-based graphical interfaces and produce interactive reports
  • Create information alerts that can be delivered by any local RSS
  • Generate widgets using real-time Pick/BASIC code and MultiValue data
  • Easily drag and drop widgets onto a dashboard layout

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What’s new in Release 1.5.4?

  • WebService support allowing external applications or websites to invoke an MV Dashboard display.
  • Added “date picker” input type for widget input.
  • Export to Excel button
  • Print to PDF button
  • Increased main dashboard window size to accommodate larger monitors.
  • Improved handling of browser “back” button.
  • Added support to assign an alternative logo for each user.
  • Increased maximum URL size from 1024 to 2048 characters.
  • View previously generated html report by clicking on a link embedded in an email.
  • Renamed some demo widget subroutines to include “DEMO” in the name to avoid collision with production routines.
  • Updated FusionCharts library to latest version.

Learn more about MultiValue Dashboard

View the MultiValue Dashboard datasheet to learn how you can gain real-time business intelligence from your MultiValue systems.

Replace printed reports with real-time web dashboards

View charts and reports in a web browser to see real-time information directly from your D3 data

Drill down to see transaction-level detail

Gain granular insight into your D3 data with the ability to localize and display individual transactions

Produce instant visuals of your MultiValue data

View your most critical business information using web-based dashboards filled with charts, graphs, and maps

Accelerate ROI

Leverage your existing Pick/BASIC programming skills with MultiValue Dashboard, streamlining development and cutting costs

Ready to learn more about MultiValue Dashboard? Contact our Software Team.

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