Redefine printer output flexibility for your Pick systems

Now you don’t have to be limited to printing your Pick output to plain or pre-printed paper using straight text. With ZDS, you can enhance the appearance of your documents with customized images and text fields. Add logos, text stamps, barcodes, signatures or form overlays anywhere on the document. When you’re done, save your documents to PDF for easy printing, emailing or faxing.

Save time and money

Save time and money

Reduce expenses by eliminating pre-printed forms and the need to load software on user PCs

Improve productivity

Improve productivity

Integrate PDF generation easily into your existing programs using simple subroutine calls

Modernize documents

Modernize documents

Create and customize professionally styled documents that meet your needs

Simplify management

Simplify management

Easily designate printers, signatures, faxes, logos, or emails for users or groups


ZDS gives you the ability to maintain your printer routines while enabling PDF output capabilities to give your documents an enhanced look and feel. With ZDS, you can convert your standard printed output to PDF, allowing you to store, retrieve, email, fax, and print with greater flexibility.

Key features

  • Convert printed output to PDF
  • Create images or use scanned images of your pre-printed forms for overlays
  • Stamp company logos or other images anywhere onto the PDF
  • Stamp text of any size or type onto the PDF
  • Add signatures to final PDF
  • Add barcodes
  • Send the PDF as an email attachment
  • Use accumulated PDFs for a web application or customer service web portal
  • Print PDFs to any network printer
  • Store PDFs in a local, network, or cloud repository for later retrieval
  • Add viewing or reprinting PDFs into your current application

Endless capabilities

With ZDS custom printing software, you are not limited to traditional Pick output or plain text. See all the features on our datasheet.

ZDS printing process

  • Print invoice

    Operator runs invoice print process as usual

  • Print output

    Server generates invoice print output

  • Generate PDF

    ZDS processor generates PDF with requested options (overlays, logos, etc.)

  • File, print or email

    Generated PDF is filed, printed, or emailed

Get control over your printer output with ZDS. Talk to our Software Team to learn how.

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