Customer Management

Elevating Your Sales Process to New Heights

Dive into a world where sales efficiency is not just a goal, but your new reality. Rover Sales lets you track your sales pipeline, manage leads and automate your entire sales process in one place so you can focus on selling, offering a seamless integration with your PICK/MultiValue system. It’s designed not just to fit into your sales process but to elevate it to new heights of performance and insight.

Centralizes customer and prospect information in a modern CRM, facilitating the creation and access of quotes, sales orders, and key customer data.

Why Rover Sales?

Unmatched Features for Unparalleled Efficiency

Real-time PICK/MultiValue Integration

Effortlessly binds with your existing system, safeguarding your bespoke functionalities while propelling your sales operations into the future.

Efficient Quote-to-Order Transformation

Smooths the transition from quote generation to order fulfillment without a hitch.

Advanced CRM Functionality

Master every sales stage with our comprehensive suite. From tracking opportunities and managing contacts to executing follow-ups, every action is streamlined within our unified platform.

Dynamic Opportunity Visualization

Eliminate the guesswork. Our platform enables you to visualize your entire sales pipeline, make data-driven forecasts, and track progress with ease and precision.

Tailor-Made Workflows

Customize Rover Sales to align perfectly with your sales cycle. Set reminders, define stages, and create triggers that suit your unique process. Process an order through fulfillment and payment in one step, or tap into any of the individual components—the choice is yours!

Real-Time Data Synchronization

Make decisions based on the latest information, with real-time updates from your system on quotes, orders, and customer interactions, ensuring that your data always reflects the current state of affairs.

For Whom Is Rover Sales Designed?

Rover Sales caters to sales teams navigating the complexities of specialized industries, where customization and meticulous project management are paramount. Whether it’s crafting intricate quotes or ensuring diligent follow-ups on opportunities, Rover Sales empowers your team to excel.

It’s Easy to Setup Rover Sales

Invest in Your Sales Success

Are you ready to redefine your sales strategy and elevate your team’s performance? Visit and step into the future with Rover Sales. Together, let’s transform your sales journey.