What if you could quickly and easily deploy and manage your business-critical applications in your data center and in your remote offices and branch office?
With SmartStack™, you can.

SmartStack integrated infrastructure from Cisco and Nimble Storage enables you to deploy, manage, and protect an entire remote solution from your central data center. It allows you to increase the efficiency of your employees and IT staff at an affordable price without compromising performance, while also proactively improving reliability.

Nimble Storage

    Your business needs and user expectations require rapid deployment while also limiting risk. You can quickly and easily deploy this integrated infrastructure, achieving faster time to revenue and lower operating expenses (OpEx) through improved productivity.


    SmartStack allows you to purchase exactly what you need today and easily scale your computing resources, storage performance, and storage capacity independently and nondisruptively as your business needs change. With SmartStack, you can immediately reduce your storage footprint by 30 to 70 percent, which creates more space and efficiency in your data center and ROBO environments.


    With SmartStack, you can support all your applications and workloads within the same integrated infrastructure solution. This approach effectively eliminates the complexities of siloed architectures and dramatically reduces both cost and complexity while optimizing application performance.

SmartStack with Cisco UCS Mini and Nimble Storage CS300

Cisco and Nimble have performed extensive testing across a broad range of business applications and workloads to create reference architectures using industry best practices. After the solution is deployed, you will have a configuration fully optimized for your workload. In addition, if problems arise, Cisco and Nimble will work together with your organization to get your system up and running quickly. You get a rapid, coordinated resolution to your technical problem. SmartStack support keeps your critical infrastructure running when you need it most.

SmartStack can be deployed quickly and easily, on day zero, using SmartStack SmartSetup™, an intuitive, wizard-based setup utility that configures both the Cisco UCS and Nimble Storage environments in minutes. After the infrastructure is deployed, you can use Cisco UCS Director to deploy and manage additional infrastructure stacks.

Nimble Storage InfoSight™, an integral part of Nimble’s Adaptive Flash platform, helps ensure peak health of your Nimble Storage infrastructure by proactively identifying problems and offering actionable solutions—all in real time from the cloud.

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