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Are you interested in taking advantage of the benefits of public cloud computing while still maintaining some resources on-site? With Zumasys Hybrid Cloud, you gain the freedom to seamlessly move workloads between on-site and public clouds. As specialists in both on-site infrastructure and cloud computing, we can help you create a custom solution with personalized service level agreements to meet your unique needs.

  • “Zumasys really has the experience with VMware and Pick that we needed and more experience with moving companies like ours into the cloud.”

    zumasys review
    James Mantrozos
    Head of IT, My-Villages (Exuma Technologies)
  • “Cloud hosting allows us to focus on our business and [do] what we do best.”

    zumasys review
    Patrick Murphy
    Director of IT, Murphy and Nolan, Inc.
  • “It’s not about cost savings or saving money by going with Zumasys Cloud, it’s about providing a better product to our customers and end users.”

    zumasys review
    Don Kim
    CIO, Equiant Financial Services
  • “Starting with our sales rep who got the ball rolling right through to our going live on the Zumasys cloud, it really has been a very “painless” process. You should be proud of all the folks who helped to make this happen. We have been very pleased with our choice to go to the cloud.”

    zumasys review
    John Selkirk
    Allied Electric Supply, Inc.
lower costs

Reduce capital expenditures

Leverage cloud resources for highly elastic or temporary workloads instead of investing in permanent infrastructure

cloud services provider

Seamlessly transition to the cloud

Get white-glove service from our experienced Project Management and Cloud Migration teams


Gain flexibility and control

Seamlessly move workloads between private and public clouds with VMware vCloud Connector

speed time to market

Speed time to market

Rapidly add capacity to accelerate dev/test and respond quickly to new business opportunities

Is the cloud right for your business?

Learn the top 5 reasons why your company should consider moving to the cloud on our information sheet.


Signs it is time to CONQUER THE CLOUD®

  • Decrease total cost of ownership

    You’re tired of spending capital on IT equipment that is increasing in complexity and total cost of ownership

  • Reduce support requirements

    Your IT resources are consumed by low-value tasks, such as backups and maintenance

  • Access latest technology

    Your business demands that your employees have access to the latest technology


SUPERNAP – The most secure data center in the world

  • Only Tier IV colocation facility in North America

  • 24/7/365 onsite security

  • Over 1.7 million sq. ft.

  • 285 MVA of mission-critical power

  • 16 million CFM of cooling

  • Located in #1 rated geographic safety zone

Why Zumasys

With Zumasys, you can achieve performance, reliability, and scalability for your business-critical applications—both on-premises and in the cloud. Our expertise in traditional IT infrastructure and cloud computing enables us to create and implement custom cloud strategies that combine on-site IT and cloud resources to meet your unique business requirements.

Reduce risk of downtime and data loss and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your environment is managed by Zumasys engineers out of the ultra-secure SUPERNAP data center in Las Vegas. Premium features, such as integrated data protection, come standard in all of our cloud offerings, so you can affordably protect your data and reputation.

Your business can move to the cloud. Talk to a cloud expert today.