Personal ERP Assistant

An army of virtual employees is at your fingertips.

Thanks to Rover AI, Zumasys is heralding a new era in business intelligence, marked by the seamless integration of artificial intelligence within the Rover ecosystem. Rover AI revolutionizes the way you interact with your ERP, offering a blend of intelligent automation, contextual awareness, and actionable insights.

Embrace the Future with Rover AI Assistant Discover how the Rover AI Assistant can redefine your business operations.

Businesses usually get better over time as people learn more on the job and from their leaders. But what if there was a shortcut?

Imagine a tool that helps new employees learn their jobs faster and at a higher quality, freeing up everyone to focus more on growing the business. This isn’t just an idea anymore – it’s happening now. I’m Mike Wright, the CTO of Zumasys, and we’ve added an exciting new feature, that introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI)  to Rover ERP and Rover Business Suite (RBS). During our webinar “Interactive Intelligence: Engaging with Data through AI” we unveiled this functionality in collaboration with our partners at Entrinsik.

Revolutionizing Business Operations

Seamless Rover ERP Integration

The AI Assistant enhances the Rover ERP system with AI capabilities, ensuring users can leverage advanced technology without the need for multiple platforms.

Contextual Awareness & Interaction

Tailored prompts and actions are based on the user’s current site navigation, ensuring relevant assistance and efficient operation within the Rover environment.

Actionable Insights & Operations

Beyond retrieving information, the AI Assistant can perform tasks such as email communication and record creation directly through Rover’s APIs, streamlining critical business processes.

Automated Communication

Automate the creation and dispatch of personalized emails for collections or notifications, enhancing customer relations and operational efficiency.

Instantaneous Data Insights

Query financial statuses, order details, and more for real-time business insights directly within the ERP system, enabling informed decision-making.

Smart Workflow Optimization

Receive suggestions for task prioritization based on data analysis, such as which backordered items to prioritize, optimizing operational workflow.

Embrace the Future with
Rover AI Assistant

Discover how the Rover AI Assistant can redefine your business operations. For more information and to experience its transformative potential firsthand, reach out to us.

The Rover AI Assistant is a testament to the synergy between innovation and partnership, providing businesses with an intelligent, integrated approach to operational management. As we evolve its capabilities, user feedback will guide its development, ensuring it remains at the forefront of business technology solutions.