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We believe our employees are our biggest competitive advantage. So when it comes to employee benefits, we’re passionately committed to investing in programs and benefits that can enrich the lives of our employees and connect them with a greater purpose.That’s one of the reasons why we donate a portion of our revenue to nonprofit organizations nominated and selected by our employees. It was the motivation for our International Travel Incentive program, which we started at the lowest point in the recent recession. And it is this belief that drives us to invest heavily in certifications and continuing education for our employees.

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Applications and databases go together like peanut butter and jelly.  The Applications team, one of the company’s fastest growing departments, represents the best of software development talent.  This team embodies decades of experience designing, implementing and supporting ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems and point-of-sale solutions for distributors, manufacturers, a higher education organizations.  The roles in this group span from Junior Software Developers to Senior Application Architects, in addition to Senior Support Engineers

Databases and Tools

The Databases and Tools team steward our flagship database and application platforms – jBASE and Open QM – along with our tools including AccuTerm. Software design, programming and quality control are among the focuses of this dynamic group. Continuous improvement while being adaptable yet perfectionistic are the hallmarks of this essential department.

Software Services

Working nearly exclusively remotely (long before COVID), our seasoned team of Senior Software Developers bring our clients unmatched experience in PICK-based systems. From software support to new product creation, workflow design and custom programming, there’s nothing that our team has not seen before.  Problem solving, business analytical skills and our people-first attitude are the attributes of the most cable bench of MultiValue professionals in the industry.

Accounting & Finance

Our accounting and finance teams bring organization, analytics, accuracy and hustle to a whole new level. Working closely with operations, this team is responsible for the day-to-day accounting functions, including producing and analyzing financial results. As a subscriber to “open book” financials, the accounting & finance team is critically involved in ensuring that performance information is presented not only to the management & executive teams, but to the entire company on a regular basis. This group is also key to our growth via acquisition strategy, conducting due diligence and leading the financial integration efforts.


Working behind the scenes and taking care of business is where you will find our talented Operations team. Our operations group includes office management, administrative and executive assisting, billing, purchasing, and human resources. In these critical support functions, our operations team interacts with clients, vendors, and employees every day ensuring their needs are met and their expectations are exceeded. In addition to day-to-day management, this group is instrumental in the integration of acquired businesses into the Zumasys platform.


Our talented sales and marketing professionals are passionate about building relationships.  Our Solutions Consultants function as trusted technology advisors, guiding our clients to the best software solution to meet their needs.  With clients all over the United States and the world, a commitment to travel, problem solving, and personal connection makes this role a dream job!

Core Values

Exercising Your Strengths

Society tells us that to be happy, we must fix our shortcomings. But, in fact, the opposite is true. We are all happier and more engaged when we exercise our strengths. That’s why we strive to help our employees discover their strengths through the Gallup StrengthsFinder system. Every single employee knows their top 5 strengths as well as the top 5 of their teammates. We endeavor to complement each other but to always work within our passions. Stop worrying about what you’re just OK at and spend more time doing what you’re great at. You’ll be happier and better able to do amazing things for the company and our customers. Bet on your strengths.

Working with Achievers

If our company had a strength of its own it would be Achiever. It’s the one strength that our people most identify with and we continuously strive to balance the pros and cons of this powerful trait. “Your relentless need for achievement might not be logical. It might not even be focused. But it will always be with you. As an Achiever you must learn to live with this whisper of discontent. It does have its benefits. It brings you the energy you need to work long hours without burning out. It is the jolt you can always count on to get you started on new tasks, new challenges. It is the power supply that causes you to set the pace and define the levels of productivity for your work.”
Gallup StrengthsFinders

Building Personal Connections

We are obsessed with building relationships. We’ve created a culture that values personal connections with programs and events that put the lives of our employees and our families first. Business plans can be knocked-off, but a unique brand and culture cannot. In an industry with hundreds of other companies all selling similar technologies, our people are what make us unique. Our customers love doing business with us because they love doing business with our team.

Be Nice & Be Happy 😉

Just. Be. Nice. Our clients demand it and we expect it of each other. Our culture is built on the idea that happyness is a choice. Happiness is rarely perfect, which is why we spell it with a “Y.” But we choose to be happy, positive, considerate and kind—even in the face of stress, hard work and adversity.

Cultivating Awareness & Continual Evolution

Our business model is built on empowering people to exercise their unique talents and pursue their passions for the good of the company. Building a team that is capable of managing themselves and achieving goals independently takes people with self-awareness and a willingness to evolve. Take the time to check in with yourself and audit who you truly are. Be honest with yourself about your strengths as well as your weaknesses. The goal is to look at yourself in the mirror and to not even recognize the person you were 6 months ago. We believe in continual evolution!

Living with Purpose

At our core, is the belief that we want our people to live the most fulfilling version of their life. We do this through the creation of unique programs like our International Travel Incentive. Our Happyness Is a Choice program inspires our employees, clients and partners to embrace “happyness” by allocating a percentage of our sales to help others achieve their goals, passions and dreams. The more successful we are, the greater impact we can have together. We encourage our employees to use Zumasys as a platform from which they can change their lives and the lives of those in their communities.