Zumasys is a software company headquartered in the beach town of San Clemente, California. With team members spread across 15 states and 5 countries, we specialize in providing business software solutions built on Pick MultiValue technology.

  • We acquire Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), help them enhance and move their applications to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) computing model.
  • We assist our customers in furthering the development of their business-critical applications.
  • We actively develop two NoSQL MultiValue database engines, jBASE and OpenQM.
  • We extend the functionality of every system with our productivity tools including AccuTerm, MVConnect and TotaLink.

Beyond the amazing products, it is our people who make the difference.

Zumasys team members are obsessed with efficiency and we love helping customers use technology to unlock the full potential in their businesses. We design the world’s most adaptable software for a variety of vertical markets including distribution, manufacturing, retail and higher education. Zumasys also offers two NoSQL databases, jBASE and OpenQM, which greatly enhance the functionality of MultiValue applications. Our advanced connectivity and productivity tools — AccuTerm, MVConnect and TotaLink — help to modernize applications and unlock their full potential. Zumasys also employs a team of business analysts and developers who help customer further the development of their most critical business applications.


In 1981, Raiders of the Lost Ark hit the box office, Microsoft released MS-DOS, Post-It Notes were blowing everyone’s minds, and future Zumasys founder and CEO Paul Giobbi, age 11, started his career in a family business. The company ran on a ADDS/NCR minicomputer, one of the early Pick system licensees. Paul immediately realized the power of the Pick MultiValue data model and became immersed in the unique community surrounding it.

Fast-forward to Orange County, CA in September 2000 Paul co-founded Zumasys with his late business partner Joe Cupp, a pioneer in the database community. Initially Zumasys began as a hardware reseller but quickly grew into a vibrant, fast-growth technology company with nearly $30M in revenue.

With their history, the duo saw a unique value proposition around hosting business-critical applications. Riding the early wave of cloud computing, Zumasys expanded its focus to host applications of all types, running on a wide variety of databases including SQL, Oracle, Progress and more. The common theme – these applications were the lifeblood of the businesses who relied on them.

Zumasys ultimately sold its cloud and IT infrastructure business to NexusTek in 2018, retaining its software assets AccuTerm, jBASE and OpenQM.

In 2019, Zumasys began acquiring Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), helping them enhance their vertical market applications and moving them to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model.

We leverage the business rules of homegrown applications and ERP systems, layer on modern development techniques, and enable companies to scale with confidence.

Even though technology changes, our mission remains the same.



Acquired The Computer Clinic


Acquired Choice Computing


Acquired The Nerdery (Pick Division)


Acquired AccuTerm


Acquired jBASE

Acquired PICK division of The Nerdery


Sold Cloud Business to NexusTek


Acquired OpenQM

Acquired Total Computing Solutions


Acquired Rover Data Systems


Acquired Northwest Info Systems


Acquired PRO:MAN



We Are Powered By Purpose

Our vision is to be the most trusted and respected partner in the communities we serve. By sharing the power of purpose, we inspire people to pursue “happyness” and redefine how businesses contribute to society. Elevating the needs of our stakeholders (not just our shareholders), has facilitated our consistent growth and wide recognition of our unique cultural programs.

Our workforce is almost completely virtual. Our developers are self-regulated and have incentives to continually innovate and delight our clients through the excellent software solutions that we deliver. We hire and incent our people exceptionally well, allowing us to set the direction for our team members and then stay out of their way. We entrust people to operate with independence and make common sense decisions.

Through our Happyness is a Choice program, we’ve given away more than $1M to 300 nonprofit organizations and individuals globally.

We are founders, entrepreneurs, executives, and empowered people who act like owners. We embrace open-book financials and autonomy. We are a family of creative and unique professionals who take care of each other with our award-winning corporate benefits and incentives.


International Travel Incentive

We offer unique benefits, such as our International Travel Incentive, which awards one employee $5,000 and one week of paid-time-off, every quarter to travel abroad. We expect a lot from our team members. There is satisfaction that comes from working hard and achieving goals, but it is even more important for our employees to have the freedom to take a break, relax and gain new perspective. We offer an International group service trip for our employees every year and we cover 50% of the employees cost.

Happyness is a Choice Corporate Giving Program

We contribute 2% of our revenue to our Happyness is a Choice program, which focuses on employee goodwill, charitable giving and volunteering. This program galvanizes our engagement more than anything else and we choose happiness daily.


Every 18 months we gather our entire team at Zumapalooza, our annual customer solutions summit which draws 500 attendees. This is the largest gathering for Pick MultiValue users anywhere and it is an important part of our efforts to build up that community. Our team educates, presents and socializes with our community in an intimate way that transcends the normal vendor/customer dynamic and it reinforces our culture.

Annual Employee Appreciation Event

At the beginning of each year, we host our Employee Appreciation Week with our staff from around the world. We spare no expense in communicating our gratitude to our team and making sure they feel connected to each other despite working in different states and countries.