CRM Software Solutions

The management of customer relationships can get out of hand quickly, even for a smaller operation. Don’t let good customer management – and sales – go out the window. By employing Rover Data’s small business CRM software, the up-and-coming company can stay on top of all its customer relationship management tasks right from the get-go. The program allows the savvy manager to keep abreast of the most recent customer lists, purchase histories as well as other hallmarks in the relationship with clients. Our accounting CRM software solutions provide owners/managers with programs that integrate nicely with other ERP functions. So, not only will the programs grow with you, you can grow with them!

Small Business CRM Software

So, you juggle a lengthy e-mailing list in Outlook, track customers on an outdated spreadsheet and still thumb through the ol’ Rolodex for phone numbers and addresses? Imagine the time you’d save and the impression you’d make if you could integrate all these contact options into one high-functioning small business CRM software package. It’s not a pipe dream. Programs that owners and managers had long written off as too expensive, too complicated and just too much for their company’s needs are well within reach of most companies. With so many software programmers designing computer programs geared toward smaller budgets, prices continue to come down. But, don’t think that Rover Data’s small price tag means inferior quality. Our CRM software solutions give companies the best of both worlds in its affordability and functionality.