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The largest software providers have relied on the time-tested MultiValue technology for decades. Don Nelson designed the MultiValue data model in the early to mid-1960s and Dick Pick, a developer at TRW, worked on the first implementation of this model for the US Army. Today, MultiValue databases run on a variety of platforms including Microsoft Windows, RedHat Linux, IBM AIX, Docker, virtualized and cloud environments.
MultiValue is a type of NoSQL and multidimensional database, typically considered synonymous with PICK, a database originally developed as the Pick operating system. Offered by Zumasys and Rocket Software, MultiValue databases differ from a relational database in that they have features that support and encourage the use of attributes which can take a list of values, rather than all attributes being single-valued.
More About MultiValue

Our Mission

Zumasys specializes in applications and databases built on the Pick MultiValue data model.

We actively develop ERP software for industries including distribution, manufacturing, retail and higher education. We offer two NoSQL MultiValue database products – jBASE and OpenQM. We extend the functionality of every Pick system with our connectivity and productivity tools, AccuTerm and MVConnect. We employ a team of full-stack developers to assist our customers in the ongoing development of their business-critical applications.

The timeless, recurring nature of Pick MultiValue aligns perfectly with our social mission and Happyness is a Choice corporate giving platform. We believe business is good and we are committed to Conscious Capitalism. We prioritize the needs of all our Stakeholders and we are committed to full transparency, open book financials and linking employee’s to the company’s success.

We also acquire Independent Software vendors (ISVs) who sell their business to Zumasys because we provide a succession plan for the applications and resources to grow.

MultiValue is the engine that fuels our investment in our customers, our employees and our community. We love the Pick data model and we strive to protect the decades of investment that our customers have put into their applications.

What is MultiValue?

“The Pick operating system consists of a database, dictionary, query language, procedural language (PROC), peripheral management, multi-user management, and a compiled BASIC Programming language.

The database is a ‘hash-file’ data management system. A hash-file system is a collection of dynamic associative arrays which are organized altogether and linked and controlled using associative files as a database management system. Being hash-file oriented, Pick provides efficiency in data access time. Originally, all data structures in Pick were hash-files (at the lowest level) meaning records are stored as associated couplets of a primary key to a set of values.

Today a Pick system can also natively access host files in Windows or Unix in any format.”

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History of Pick MultiValue

The Pick operating system has evolved through multiple phases including a diverse licensee period where the product was remarketed under dozens of different names including Microdata Reality, ADDS Mentor, Ultimate and more. Today Pick is a modern database offering from two primary companies — Zumasys and Rocket Software. To help summary the timeline and provide insight into Pick’s rich history and depth, we created visual timeline called The MultiValue Family Tree. A community collaboration between Zumasys and Tincat Group, the MultiValue family tree is available for free as a PDF or in poster form.

The MultiValue Cube

Originating with standards developed by the Spectrum Manufacturers Association (SMA), the term MultiValue is used to include all Pick flavors and licensees. Recently the MultiValue cube logo was updated by Zumasys to bring increased awareness to the important role these databases play in the $4B NoSQL market. MultiValue databases and NoSQL continue to proliferate as companies adopt data technologies that enable easy scalability, non-relational capability and speed of processing.

Visitors to can utilize many industry resources and download the MultiValue logo for use on everything from product brochures, email signatures and business cards. The logo is accompanied by a style guide that details how and where to use the logo for best effect.

New to MultiValue?

Zumasys provides a variety of community resource and training options for developers who are just discovering the Pick MultiValue data model. We recommend starting with our free MultiValue Technical Training Series below:

We encourage you to take full advantage of the resources available at our community website at and eponymous Facebook Group which can be accessed as follows

MultiValue Resources

Find educational resources, links to newsgroups, people profiles and our continually updated video education series on the Pick MultiValue website.

Pick MultiValue Facebook Group

Connect with 3,000 other Pick MultiValue users on the lively and fun Pick MultiValue Facebook Group.

If you have questions or we can help you with your Pick MultiValue system in any way, please feel free to contact us.