Modernize Your PICK/MultiValue Application

The Rover Business Suite is more than a business technology suite; it’s a pathway to the future that honors and leverages the strategic investments you’ve made in your PICK/MultiValue application.

The Rover Business Suite offers a diverse range of modules designed to enhance your existing system, tailored to address specific business needs. Improve your point-of-sale experience, optimize your financial management, and enhance your sales processes with our modular approach. Each module can be used independently or in combination with others, depending on your requirements. With Rover, your past investments become the foundation for future growth, transforming your PICK/MultiValue application into a modern, adaptable, and holistic application platform for your business.


Our Commitment

  • Understanding and Respect

    We recognize the significance of the investment and competitive advantage you have built into your existing PICK/MultiValue application. Our approach is about enhancing, not replacing, what you have taken decades to create.

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    Modernization Without Loss of Functionality

    With the Rover Business Suite, modernization doesn’t mean starting from scratch. Our suite of applications, including Rover ERP, integrate seamlessly with any PICK/MultiValue application, preserving valuable business rules.

  • A Partnership for the Future

    Zumasys has been committed to the PICK/MultiValue community since its inception. Building on our vast experience, we have created a path forward that embraces your customizations and provides new web-based interfaces that appeal to the next generation of workers.

The latest developments for other MultiValue Applications

Recent accomplishments include integrating Rover Production for Cosway Manufacturing’s ProMan ERP, implementing Rover Portal for Sander’s Supply SHIMS application, and integrating Rover Sales to IMACS for Paint Sundries Supplies remote sales team. Additionally, Rover POS is now operational at one distributor with over 600 POS stations across 200 distinct locations. And we have many new developments to share in the weeks and months to come.


Our Products

We’re not just offering a product.

We’re proposing a partnership – one that is built on a rich technical heritage and proven understanding of the needs of the PICK/MultiValue community.

Rover BI


A scalable data discovery and analytics solution that enables businesses to access, blend, cleanse, and analyze data, regardless of its location.

$250 monthly/user (For Professional and Enterprise)
minimum of 2 users, unlimited viewing users

Discover how Rover BI transformed this product packaging distributor’s operational efficiency

Rover Pay


Offers best-in-class integration for credit card and ACH processing, emphasizing ease of implementation and compliance.

$250 monthly/user
($.39/ACH transaction and 2.5%/credit card transaction)*

*This standard rate may differ based on volume

Discover how this wholesale distributor made the leap to Rover Pay’s integrated payment solution

Rover POS


A robust Point of Sale system that integrates seamlessly with both online and physical store sales, maximizing sales efficiency.

$65 monthly/user**

**User license count is licensed based on concurrent users

Discover how Rover POS revolutionized the daily operations of both retail and wholesale locations for this automotive distributor.

Rover Sales


Centralizes customer and prospect information in a modern CRM, facilitating the creation and access of quotes, sales orders, and key customer data.

$65 monthly/user**

**User license count is licensed based on concurrent users

Rover Scan


A web-based barcode scanning application designed to boost productivity in mobile warehouse or shopfloor settings.

$65 monthly/user**

**User license count is licensed based on concurrent users

Rover Portal


Streamlines business interactions in a one-stop web application, allowing customers to review quotes, manage invoices, and track orders.

Ask for price list

Learn how this family-owned distributor’s partnership with Zumasys rapidly transformed their business

Rover AI Assistant


An army of virtual employees is at your fingertips, providing businesses with an intelligent, integrated approach to operational management.

$199 monthly/user**

**User license count is licensed based on concurrent users

Move forward without leaving behind the value that has shaped your success.