Today on Technology Tuesday, we’re talkin’ about Citrix!

The “software-defined wide area network” is one of the more recent additions to the virtual data center. The Internet is a powerful tool—but in the hands of a subpar ISP, it can also be extremely frustrating and too often the cause of lost productivity. In other words, your remote branches and cloud applications are only as good as the connectivity between them. Redundant connectivity is a great way to combat the failure of an ISP, especially if the circuits are from different providers or have dissimilar connection types. However, handling complicated routing failover or having very expensive private connections such as MPLS or VPLS can add management overhead.

Citrix’s NetScaler SD-WAN is designed to reduce the complexity of multiple connections by providing fully automated bandwidth aggregation and failover handling. The key to this ability is establishing a single virtualized path between sites that consists of all your internet and private circuit providers. In some cases, the more expensive MPLS circuits can be removed entirely in favor of standard internet connections, which can provide a real cost savings to the business. SD-WAN is a new but fast-growing segment of infrastructure. If your company is very distributed with many branch offices, this is something to watch.

Did you know that Zumasys is a certified Citrix Service Provider? In 2017, Zumasys was recognized as runner up for Desktop Partner of the Year at Citrix Summit. This is our second consecutive nomination as runner-up in this category. We’re seeing rapid growth in Desktop as a Service adoption, particularly from small and medium-sized businesses that lack the resources or the desire to set up complex Citrix environments. With Zumasys DaaS, customers get a best-in-class virtual desktop environment with no capital investment or ongoing maintenance.

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