Carr Manufacturing's Transition from Sage to Rover ERP

Headquarters: Foothill Ranch, CA

Industry: Women-owned manufacturer
of custom assembly solutions


Carr Manufacturing faced several obstacles with their existing Sage 50 system:

  • Limited MRP and Inventory Control: Sage 50, especially with its manufacturing plugin, was inadequate for Carr Manufacturing’s needs, lacking essential MRP capabilities and offering minimal inventory management.
  • Lack of Integration: The system required extensive double entry across modules due to poor integration, leading to inefficiencies and a higher potential for errors.
  • Software Performance and Support Issues: Carr Manufacturing struggled with the software’s bugs and the almost non-existent support from the service provider, complicating day-to-day operations.


To overcome these challenges, Carr Manufacturing transitioned to Rover ERP:

  • Comprehensive ERP Integration: Rover ERP replaced Sage 50, providing a fully integrated solution for accounting, inventory management, and production processes.
  • SaaS Model and User-Friendly Interface: The adoption of Rover’s SaaS model eliminated the need for a large upfront investment and server management, while its user-friendly interface simplified operations.
  • Customization and Real-Time Visibility: Rover ERP allowed for easy customization and offered real-time visibility into every aspect of the business, enabling informed decision-making and operational efficiency.
“The ability to customize and adapt the software to fit our business, rather than the other way around, has been remarkable. And the support we’ve received. Phenomenal!”

The transition to Rover ERP had a transformative effect on Carr Manufacturing:

  • Streamlined Operations: The fully integrated system reduced the need for double entry, streamlined processes, and improved accuracy.
  • Improved Decision-Making: Custom dashboards and KPIs enhanced the management of production and overall decision-making processes.
  • Future Growth Support: The flexibility and scalability of Rover ERP positioned Carr Manufacturing for future growth without being limited by their ERP system.
“It’s not just about having a new ERP system; it’s about how Rover has empowered us to streamline our processes, making our operations more efficient and setting us up for future growth. Honestly, switching to Rover was one of the best decisions we’ve made.”


Carr Manufacturing’s move to Rover ERP marked a significant turning point:

  • Operational Efficiency and Accuracy: The company overcame the limitations of Sage 50, achieving greater operational efficiency and accuracy.
  • Strategic Business Transformation: Rover ERP has become an integral part of Carr Manufacturing’s strategy, supporting current operations and future growth.

Carr Manufacturing’s transition to Rover ERP from Sage 50 has been a resounding success. The company has overcome the limitations of their previous system, achieving greater efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility. The Rover ERP system has not only supported current operations but also positioned Carr Manufacturing for future growth.

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