Seamless Transition: US Wheel's Smooth Journey with Rover ERP

Headquarters: Huntington Beach, CA

Industry: Manufacturer of custom quality steel and aluminum wheels


US Wheel, a leading manufacturer of custom wheels, faced a significant challenge when their key programmer passed away. The company had relied on the customer PICK MultiValue application for over 25 years, and without the expertise of their programmer, they were at risk of data loss and operational disruptions. The team needed a new ERP system to manage their operations, but past experiences with ERP migrations had been painful and costly. The company sought a solution that would not only handle data integration but also offer ongoing support and flexibility.

  • Programmer Loss: US Wheel, a leading custom wheel manufacturer, faced a significant challenge when their key programmer passed away.
  • Legacy System Risks: The company had relied on the AccuTerm platform for over 25 years, risking data loss and operational disruptions without the programmer’s expertise.
  • Previous Painful Migrations: US Wheel had bad experiences with past ERP migrations, emphasizing the need for a smooth transition and reliable ongoing support.


  • Rover ERP’s Guidance: Rover ERP provided expert guidance to US Wheel throughout the migration process, focusing on data integration and customization.
  • Close Collaboration: The implementation team, led by Andrew and Ron, worked closely with US Wheel to ensure a seamless transition, offering local support and resources.
  • Flexible System Design: The windows-based interface and system flexibility allowed the US Wheel team to adapt quickly, reducing stress during the migration.

“We’re happy that we’re not looking at a blue screen every day. Everybody that’s been on the system…has been happy with the interface…it’s been really good.”


  • Transformed Operations: The migration to Rover ERP streamlined processes, improving efficiency and reducing manual tasks for US Wheel.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The new system’s windows-based design and comprehensive features boosted team confidence and eased the transition.
  • Advanced Features: US Wheel began exploring warehouse management and material requirements planning (MRP), creating new opportunities for growth and efficiency.

“The successful migration and the ongoing improvements to the company’s operations serve as a testament to the benefits of choosing Rover ERP.”

– Bob Williams, Vice President & General Manager, U.S. Wheel Corporation


US Wheel’s successful migration to Rover ERP demonstrates the power of a robust ERP system combined with excellent customer support. The strong relationship between US Wheel and Rover ERP’s team played a critical role in the smooth transition. With the ongoing support of the Rover ERP team and the system’s flexibility, US Wheel is well-positioned for future success and growth. “I think the system we’re on now can work for almost anyone,” Bob concluded. This success story illustrates that even complex migrations can be accomplished with the right support and a flexible, user-friendly ERP solution.

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