Kurtis Witmer

Customer Success Manager

Kurtis, a graduate of the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s in Communication and a Minor in Business Administration, brings a wealth of experience to Zumasys. Before joining our team, he held pivotal roles at Enterprise as an Assistant Branch Manager, JWH as an Account Manager, and at Taygo as a Client Experience Manager. He fondly reflects on his past roles, particularly valuing the strong team dynamics and the lasting relationships he has built.

Beyond his professional life, Kurtis is an enthusiast for all things Game of Thrones, finds solace in the comedic antics of ‘The Office’, and is a fan of the inspirational ‘Ted Lasso’. An emerging golf aficionado, when he’s not practicing his swing, you might find him enjoying a day at Disneyland. A self-described spontaneous, reliable, and caring individual, Kurtis loves exploration and has lived in four different states. Switzerland, Iceland, and Ireland top his travel wish list. Given a chance, he would love to dine with Bert Kreischer for a hearty laugh, David Goggins for some intense motivation, and Mark Cuban for business insights.