Mohit Vatsa

Technical Support Manager

Mohit Vatsa is the Technical Support Manager at Zumasys, responsible for supporting various product offerings like Rover ERP, SmartSuite, PRO: MAN, IMACS, and Crescendo. Prior to joining Zumasys, Mohit served as the IT Manager at La Marche Mfg., where he supported all aspects of the Rover ERP software within a manufacturing environment. With over ten years of experience, Mohit played a pivotal role in supporting and training users in Rover ERP, while also managing software modifications to align with the business’s requirements.

Outside of work, Mohit cherishes spending quality time with his wife and daughter, often visiting the children’s museum and the park. His hobbies include playing basketball and football, as well as going for walks and hiking when he’s not with his family. Mohit and his family love to travel and have been to Indonesia, United Kingdom, France, and India and are eager to grow the list of countries they have visited.